Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is the right to exercise your religious faith according to your beliefs. Your religious freedom is an inalienable right protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Whenever the government attempts to infringe or limit a person’s fundamental right to exercise their religious beliefs, the government must prove that it has a compelling interest to infringe on a person’s right, and that the government is using the least restrictive means available.

Religious liberty issues may arise when a┬áreligious institution, such as a church or religious charity, is being forced by the government to violate its beliefs. However, religious liberty issues may also arise in situations where people of faith are exercising their religious faith through their business. It is crucial that we protect everyone’s First Amendment right to exercise their religious faith in all aspects of their lives. Kallman Legal Group has the experience and knowledge to vigorously pursue a religious liberty claim.

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