Takings Lawsuit

Lansing, Michigan – Takings LawsuitThe Michigan Independent Bowling & Entertainment Centers Association (IBECA) hired Kallman Legal Group, PLLC, to file a federal takings lawsuit on behalf of five of its members against Governor Whitmer, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and its Director Robert Gordon. The lawsuit has been filed in the Western District of Michigan. The complaint alleges that Defendants have violated both the Federal and Michigan Constitutions by taking Plaintiffs’ businesses for a public use without just compensation. Plaintiffs are asking the Court to award damages for the unlawful taking of their business property.

Bowling centers, roller skating rinks, and other businesses were targeted by Governor Whitmer’s administration for closure for approximately eight months last year. Plaintiffs have no animus against anyone and simply needed to work to pay their bills and care for their employees, families, and communities. Since they were forced to remain closed, they should be compensated by Defendants for the value of their business which they have worked for decades to build.

Case Name: Skatemore, Inc. et. al. v. Gretchen Whitmer, et. al.


Docket No. 1:21-cv-00066

Current Status: Complaint has been filed.


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